Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement®:

Find relief from pain and limitations; improve movement, coordination, vitality and thinking. The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) is a cutting-edge, science-based NeuroMovement® approach That has helped children and adults seeking to improve their quality of life by accessing the remarkable capacity of the human brain to change and form new connections.

Through Slow and gentle movement exercises guided by the ABM Practitioner and executed with the understanding of the ABM Nine Essentials, you can create new neural patterns that increase strength, flexibility, and vitality. Whether you are in good health or have a limiting diagnosis, this method gives you tools to make the impossible possible and live life more fully, with greater joy and success.

ABM Is effective for

  • Overcoming pain 
  • Overcoming injury.
  • Increasing mobility and balance
  • Increasing vitality and creativity 
  • Improving flexibility and strength
  • Children with special needs
  • Undiagnosed developmental delays 
  • People in good health that want to improve their performance
  • Many other conditions

Visit the Anat Baniel Method site for more information about NeuroMovement.